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Across the United States, Williams Testing provides solutions to pipe deflection problems encountered at landfills.  Williams has been Rerounding leachate risers and methane gas recovery wells found in landfills for over 10 years. 


Landfill owners and operators can be faced with a serious problem -- their leachate pump has quit working and they are unable to remove it for repair due to a deflected riser pipe. Failure of the leachate pumping system can lead to ground contamination, EPA violations, even complete closure of the landfill!

Options for fixing the problem are limited and potentially very expensive. In some cases, landfill owners have had to excavate through a mountain of waste to dig up, uncover and replace a failed polyethylene pipe, at a staggering cost.

With The Original WilliamsSM Rerounder™ System, a permanent fix can be achieved in weeks.  The safe repair method maintains the original, optimum depth of the well and preserves the originally permitted design.


This solid waste disposal facility in Central Florida faced a critical problem: restore the facility’s four leachate well pumping systems or face a multi-million dollar excavation job. Watch the story of how The Original Williams Rerounder System got the landfill up and running within a few months, saving the county a lot of money.


Landfill surfaces are continually in motion. The unpredictable settlement of waste creates a big headache: pinched methane recovery wells. Our specially-designed, proven system can be used to rehabilitate landfill gas recovery wells. We fix the problem from the inside of the pipe, so the liner and surrounding material are left undisturbed. We are also able to maintain the original depth of the well, allowing it to continue producing at peak efficiency.

Williams Testing is the nation’s leading expert at Rerounding because we invented it! We’ll fix your problem fast and for a lot less than the cost of drilling a new well.