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Plastic pipes, such as Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE) used in landfills and storm sewers and PVC pipe in sanitary sewers, are often susceptible to deflection. Pipe deflection is a significant source of delays and cost overruns in sewer projects, while, in landfills, deflection can force operators out of EPA compliance and potentially cost millions of dollars to correct.

The Original WilliamsSM Rerounder™ System corrects deflection at a fraction of the cost of digging up and replacing damaged pipes. It was invented by our company founder, Dick Williams. Dick was an entrepreneur and inventor who was also a sewer contractor. He became the nation’s leading expert curing HDPE and PVC pipe deflection. His patented rerounding system has been used all over the United States and in several countries overseas to correct deflection problems in PVC pipe in sewers and high density Polyethelyne pipe in landfills. To check out Dick's story, click here.

While there are other companies calling what they do rerounding, the Original WilliamsSM Rerounder™ System was the first. The patented process is guaranteed to eliminate deflection in pipes up to 60" in diameter. It's the fastest, most economical system to reround flexible pipes for sewers or landfills.

For sewer pipes, the Rerounding process usually takes just one day and we perform the mandrel test immediately afterwards to ensure all deflection has been eliminated. For landfill leachate wells, our process removes your trapped pump, eliminates the risk of liner puncture and potential groundwater contamination, while maintaining the original depth of the well.

Whether it’s a sewer contractor concerned about passing a mandrel test, or a landfill operator or engineer worried about potential EPA violations from a failing leachate recovery system, our clients have saved many millions of dollars avoiding costly excavation and flexible pipe replacement.

The Original WilliamsSM Rerounder™ System has been the preferred method for rerounding flexible Polyethelyne (HDPE) and PVC pipe for more than 30 years. Watch the videos explaining the process. Read the engineering reports. See the test results. Hear from our customers and from other experts. And, if you’re still not convinced, then call us direct at 888-648-2200 and ask us anything you want. We’ll
provide straight answers to your questions.


PVC pipe usually deflects because of poor compaction of the granular bedding and backfill surrounding the pipe. The Original WilliamsSM Rerounder™ System fixes that problem by compacting the bedding material, allowing the backfill load to be evenly distributed around the pipe. To read more about how we’re able to guarantee a permanent fix to flexible sewer pipe deflection, click here.


Fixing polyethylene pipe deflection in a landfill leachate well can be dangerous and expensive. The Original WilliamsSM Rerounder™ System can rehabilitate HDPE pipes quickly, safely and at a much lower cost. To read more about the process that has saved landfill owners millions of dollars, click here.