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Is your leachate pump stuck?

This is usually the first indication a landfill operator gets when there is a problem with the leachate riser.  Everything was OK until the leachate pump quits working and needs repaired...and then it gets stuck halfway up the riser.  Video inspection follows and often finds that you cannot even see the pump because the riser pipe has collapsed nearly flat on to the discharge pipe.  If you're lucky, you have a backup system to pump out the leachate.  If you're not, the clock is ticking while the cell slowly fills up with leachate. 

18" Riser collapsed on 2" DischargeIf you have this problem, we can help.  Each job is different, but we have equipment and techniques that can open up the riser and restore pumping operations.

 Our advice in the meantime:

1.  Try not to rip-off the pump discharge pipe.

2.  Don't stick anything else in the pipe.  Its probably not done creeping closed.


Give us a call and we would be pleased to discuss our approach to solving your problem.